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Lotteries West Boardroom

The Project: Refurbishment of Boardroom

The Challenges: The intricate design of this project presented the greatest challenge. From deeply coffered ceilings running from end to end integrating with curved ceiling bulkheads and CNC machined designs into bi folding doors concealing a storage area, there were no shortage of challenges. The curves also extended to the main entry sliding doors and into the feature carpet that was a reflection of the curved bulkheads of the ceiling.

The Outcome: Through close coordination of all trades and extremely close attention paid to setout issues along with regular consultation with the designers, we were able to provide a product of high quality finish expected in boardrooms that was both visually stunning and user friendly for the client.

Project Outcomes: Challenges met on time and on budget.

Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DPI) Willagee Licensing Centre

The Project: Refurbishment of the existing Licensing Centre and expansion into a new tenancy.

The Challenges: The client needed to be able to carry on business as usual while a complete refurbishment was completed around them.

The Outcome: Through close consultation with the client to gain an understanding of how they did their business we were able to carefully stage the project to ensure critical services to clients remained uninterrupted during the works. The program was also accelerated wherever possible to minimise the disruption to the clients activities. Through innovative off site fabrication, flexible working hours and careful planning we were able to deliver a high quality finished product ahead of the clients schedule.

Project Outcomes: Challenges met on time and on budget.

Ophir Energy

The Project: Refurbishment of a new tenancy for the client incorporating some of the previous fitout features into a new fitout.

The Challenges: In an effort to provide the client with an economic solution the existing office fitout left by the outgoing tenant needed to be modified and integrated seamlessly into the new fitout works to provide a new work area tailored to the client’s needs. The site also provided its own challenges with the neighbouring tenancy being occupied by a leading Perth Radio station that were very sensitive to noise or any services disruptions.

The Outcome: By carefully matching new materials with existing including details such as glazed solid American Oak doors we were able to seamlessly add new workspaces to the existing tenancy and freshen up all of the existing features to provide a complete cohesive project. Also by closely liaising with neighbouring stakeholders we were able to ensure they were able to get on with business without disruption.

Project Outcomes: Challenges met on time and on budget.

Metaxus & Hager

The Project: Legal Firm Fitout.

The Challenges: To provide a prestigious front of house area to complement the clients profile.

The Outcome: By ensuring workmanship was of the highest quality and integrating simple yet elegant design cues, an appropriate front of house area was created while simultaneously providing functional work area for staff.

Project Outcomes: Challenges met on time and on budget.

Snap Printing

The Project: Complete fitout of new tenancy.

The Challenges: To complete the both a retail and a commercial office fitout in a significantly reduced time period due to delays in site possession by the client.

The Outcome: To meet the significantly reduced timeframe, very close attention was paid to the resourcing of the project and any opportunities for streamlining the construction were exploited. The client had a hard date to move in by that couldn’t be altered. The client moved in on time into a well crafted and warmly finished work space.

Project Outcomes: Challenges met on time and on budget.

Centrelink Laverton

The Project: Refurbishment of the existing Laverton Centrelink Office of approximately 200m2 and expansion into a neighbouring tenancy of approximately 200m2.

The Challenges: The centre was closed for a period of 3 working days (from close of business Tuesday until the end of the weekend) to allow all of the work to be completed with a hard date to be open for business on the Monday. This provided an extremely tight time frame for the works with no room for delays. The scope included demolition of structural inter tenancy walls, new flooring throughout, new walls, doors, glazing and remedial ceiling works, new plumbing to toilets, comprehensive electrical, data and security upgrades including a complete replacement of the site switchboard and new built in cabinetry and loose furniture. A total of 5 days were available in the existing tenancy with an additional day available for the new area. Due to the remote nature of the project (nearest building supplies 360km away in Kalgoorlie, Perth 960km away) the project required extremely detailed planning and logistics to get materials, equipment and labour resources to site and ensure the project was self sufficient.

The Outcome: Through detailed planning of the project prior to commencement and a comprehensive site investigation, all construction issues were able to be anticipated and appropriate plans put in place to manage them once on site. With careful resourcing, detailed programming and close on site supervision of the works, a large team was able to work collaboratively in the relatively confined space allowing the works to remain on program. Through innovative off site fabrication along with management of lead time items, we were able to deliver a high quality finished product and have the client open for business on the Monday with all systems up and running.

Project Outcomes: Considerable challenges met on time and on budget.